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South Sea Pearls

"South Sea pearls the rarest and the most valuable pearls in the World"

South Sea pearls are highly sought-after for their beauty and rarity.


They are produced by the largest pearl oysters in the world, known as Pinctada maxima, which can only breed in the warm and nutrient-rich waters of the South Sea, particularly in Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines.


Indonesia is the world's major producer of loose South Sea pearls, often called the “Queen of the Pearls” due to their large size and stunning appearance. They have a thick layer of nacre, which gives them their characteristic luster and a smooth, satiny surface.

Pinctada Maxima Oyster 

Pinctada Maxima Oyster produces South Sea pearls in colors ranging from white, silver, champagne, gold.

The most coveted and sought-after of all cultivated pearls in the world. They are unique in that they exhibit very high levels of each of the value factors – size, shape, luster/nacre thickness, surface cleanliness and rarity. 

The production of one piece South Sea pearls take up to 2 years - 4 years of a complex process from hatchery to harvest making them one of the most VALUABLE & RARE living gemstone on Earth.

Considered the most exclusive and coveted of all cultured pearl varieties, South Sea pearls are exceptionally high quality pearls. They are the rarest and most extraordinary quality pearls found in fine jewelry. Typically, they range in color from white or cream or champagne or pink hues to silvery or golden tones. In size, they range from 8 mm to 20+mm.

These pearls come from the literal South Seas, the geographic area of the Pacific Ocean south of the equator, near countries like Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The larger size, the higher quality luster and the unique growing conditions all combine to make South Sea pearls the rarest of all pearl types. The limited supply of South Sea pearls also increases their distinctiveness and their value. 

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